Fresh Organic Vegetables From Co-ops

One of the things I really enjoy is going to my local co-op to pick up a week’s supple of locally grown organic vegetables. During the harvesting season, it’s a weekly Sunday afternoon ritual. I go to ‘the farm’. I live in Florida, so the fall and winter are good seasons for us here with gardens.

The types of veggies I come home with depends on what was harvested that week. Sometimes I get some really exotic things depending on what was planted. I had a purple turnip the other day!

With a co-op, you buy ‘shares’ of the produce. The number of share you buy will depend on how many people are in your family. There’s a quota on what you can have per share.

When I get home from picking up my booty, I always have the ritual of washing everything and packing it into containers for the week. I used to use a veggie wash that’s commercially made but now I’ve found a way that’s even better. I mix up a concoction of water, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. It’s about 50% water, 30% vinegar and 20% perioxide. This does a good job of cleaning and killing any pathogens and/or larve or eggs that could later hatch into those annoying gnats. I don’t have to worry about removing any chemicals because it’s all grown organically.

That may seem like an unusual mixture but it really does work well. I’ve used it for strawberries and raspberries, too, and they will last way longer than if I just rinse with water.