Blending your Way to Being a Healthy Vegetarian

All vegetarians know that they need to eat a diverse variety of foods to be healthy but sometimes it can be hard to work a lot of different of fresh fruit and vegetables into a busy day.

I have personally known several vegetarians that rely far too much on pasta, rice and soy products. While it is okay to include these sorts of things into your diet what will really be of greater benefit to your health is consuming more fresh whole foods. The best and simplest way to incorporate more whole foods in your diet is actually to use a blender.

A blender?!

Yes, it’s true. That appliance you have stashed in your kitchen cabinet is good for more than just making an occasional margarita. Did you know that in addition to fruit smoothies you can make all sorts of concoctions if you have a strong enough blender. From dips and sauces to soups and nut butters, there are all sorts of healthy snacks and meals that can be made quickly.

If you do some searching around on the internet you’ll find that the best blender on the market is definitely a Vitamix. It’s the ideal blender for three simple reasons: power, versatility and quality. For a more in depth analysis you can read one of the many Vitamix reviews floating around the internet.

The Vitamix review I have linked to here is an especially thorough one.

Is a Vitamix another cheap kitchen gizmo that will break after you use it a few times?

No it certainly is not. Vitamix is an old American company, orginally founded in 1921. They are serious about making extremely high-quality products and if you look around you’ll discover that they have quite a cult following. Let me put it this way; you know you are dealing with a quality blender when the company backs it up with a 7-year warranty. That’s pretty much unheard of in the appliance market. I’ve actually talked with Vitamix owners who have had their blender for over 20 years!

So what can you do with a Vitamix?

Well I’ve owned one for about 3 years so let me share with you a few tips and ideas. First of all, since this is a very powerful blender (the blades can reach over 37,000 revolutions per minute), you can blend pretty much anything in here. I’ve made fresh almond butter, hummus, and even raw soups in our Vitamix.

The best part of this is that you can leave foods in their whole, unprocessed form which is the healthiest way to eat them since nothing has been removed. For instance, when I make a green smoothie I throw in a whole pear (I don’t even seed it), a half a cup of grapes, a few chunks of frozen banana and a large handful of collard greens (stems and all). The Vitamix will completely pulverize all of the ingredients into a smooth, creamy, and most importantly healthy smoothie that is full of vitamins and minerals. It’s so easy to make quick and nutritious snacks when you have the right tools.

So do yourself a favor by grabbing this Vitamix promotion code and head on over to the Vitamix website to order a blender that will change the way you think about smoothies, dips, and snacks. I think you will be glad you did.

Cheers and happy blending!