Cottage Cheese Pudding

I’m still in love with my old 1918 vegetarian cookbook. So I’ll be posting more recipes from it. They are so simple and tasty!

I think I’d probably adapt this one to 21st century low-fat dairy products, but occasionally, a bit of cream makes everything taste so yummy. A moderate oven temperature would be around 325 degrees. I guess they didn’t have thermostats for ovens back then.

Cottage Cheese Pudding

Rub 1 cup of fresh cottage cheese through a wire sieve, add 2 well beaten eggs and enough rich milk or cream to make a fairly thin batter. Sweeten to suit taste and flavor with vanilla. Pour into a buttered pudding form and bake in a moderate oven about twenty minutes. Serve with custard sauce.

Soft Custard Sauce

Heat 2 cups milk in a double boiler. When scalding, pour it, a little at a time, into the yolks of 3 eggs beaten with 3 tablespoons sugar. Put back into the double boiler and let thicken, then flavor with vanilla and set aside to cool.

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